Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet the President of Men's Club Soccer!

Anthony Humphreys
Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2016
President of Men’s Club Soccer

What is your major?

Public Accounting, Pursuing the Dual Degree Program

Where are you from?
Stony Brook, NY

How did you get involved with Club Soccer?
Before I got accepted into Fordham, I knew I didn’t want the commitment of a varsity sport, but at the same time I still wanted to play soccer at a competitive level. During my freshman year, I found the club soccer table at the Club Fair and then proceeded to tryout and made the team. Once I started playing with the club, I knew I fit in well, and since freshman year I’ve grown as a player and as a leader.

Anthony playing during a club game
What are some of your responsibilities as president?
As president, I oversee everything that happens with my players and fellow board members. I mainly handle scheduling our games with our opponents, as well as working with our Athletic Director to coordinate our semester long practice schedule. I also oversee and track our club’s finances alongside our club treasure, as we have to generate our own sources of revenue in order to pay for transportation, referees, jerseys, etc.

Favorite part of Fordham?
My favorite part about Fordham is the close proximity to Manhattan. I love that we are just a train ride away. At the same time, we are away from all the craziness that NYC holds to get a break from the bustling city.

What other activities both on and off campus do you participate in?
I have a part time internship with the real estate firm, Douglas Elliman, which I love. While working there, I have learned a lot about an industry I was not familiar with before. Additionally, I am a member of the Economics Society and the Gaelic Society on campus.

The firm Anthony is currently interning at
Why did you choose Fordham?
I chose Fordham for many reasons, but one of the strongest factors in my decision was the natural beauty of the campus. I visited Fordham on 5 separate occasions prior to my admission because I could not stay away from Eddie’s and the rest of this beautiful campus. I also chose Fordham because it is in NYC, and as a born New Yorker, it would have pained me to leave the greatest city in the world.

Fordham offers many different club and intramural sports depending on your interest and level of commitment. It is a great opportunity to meet people and continue a sport through college. There are also a variety of leadership roles that students may take on as a part of the club. Here is a list of all the Club Sports offered at Fordham!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rams in the Real World!

One of the biggest themes in this blog is the fact that Fordham’s proximity to Manhattan and all of its resources lets Fordham students go on all sorts of adventures. Whether they’re exploring museums or galleries, seeing shows, people-watching in parks or enjoying the tons of delicious food the city has to offer, Rams love New York!  Fordham students don’t only use the city for leisure, however—Manhattan also provides students with opportunities to gain real-world experience through volunteering, internships, and part-time jobs. You know—all those “real people” things that help you learn important skills and evaluate different career options (and make for great resume material)!

Fordham has a great Office of Career Services, with approachable and knowledgeable staff who want to help Fordham students find the best opportunities! They offer tons of different workshops, including resume critiques and mock interviews, and also have a database of literally thousands of internships that are available to Fordham students.  Check out their website here: Fordham Career Services.

I’m in the Pre-Health program at Fordham, so this school year I looked into different research and clinical immersion opportunities for undergraduates near Fordham, hoping to get some experience in a hospital environment.  One of my professors suggested that I apply for a program at Mount Sinai Hospital on the Upper East Side, as a Sinai Research Associate. As a research associate, I volunteer in the Emergency Department twice a week, helping to recruit patients to enroll in clinical studies going on at the hospital.  In this way, not only am I learning about the nature of clinical research, but I also get to interact with patients, as well as shadow doctors in the ER!  The program has provided me with invaluable experience that I hope to apply in my future career!

The hospital is right next to Central Park!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Update

Heather Richards
This past weekend I took a bus to Washington DC to visit my family. They flew in from Chicago to see the Andrew Wyeth art exhibit at The National Gallery of Art. We spent the weekend exploring a couple of museums, eating food, and hanging out together at the house. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see my family, sleep in, read, and explore DC!
A good book and a hot drink make for a very relaxing day

Nicole Pieri
This weekend I focused most of my time on finishing school work before Thanksgiving break. It was very relaxing to stay on campus with the beautiful fall scenery and take my time with my work after a busy week. I was able to finish my work and catch up on my sleep, which was much needed, so it was quite an enjoyable weekend!
I love exploring our beautiful campus

Erica Restaino
This weekend, I met up with some friends from high school. We all go to different colleges in NYC, so we like to meet up every so often. This weekend, we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner. At Ellen's, the waiters and waitresses are aspiring actors and actresses trying to get onto Broadway, so they sing while you eat. It was a ton of fun, and the food was great!
The talented staff at Ellen's Stardust Diner

Spamalot and Theatre: Where Fordham Students Come to Have Fun-A-Lot!

This past weekend, I was so fortunate to have been able to play around in the Mimes and Mummers’ production of Spamalot as one of the ensemble members. Being Fordham’s oldest theatre club on campus, The Mimes play a special role in allowing Fordham students to come together and let their theatrical passions thrive in their ability to put together a show in all aspects, be it on stage or off. Spamalot is the second show that I have ever been involved in with the Mimes, and I always look forward to coming back and learning new things to improve myself as an actor and and in other forms of putting together a show such as set designs, costumes, etc... So, whether you’re an actor looking into set or light design or someone who has done set and wants to branch out as an actor, Fordham has the right club just for you!
Our appropriately titled "Mimesbill" program for Spamalot!
Spamalot is such a one of a kind show in the way that it incorporates sharp wit and notorious British humor all combined with catchy showtunes in order to tell the story of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. I clearly remember spending so much rehearsal time just laughing out loud at the hilarious brilliance of the cast as we worked together to tell this story. One of the special things about the Mimes and Mummers is seeing how each and everyone of its’ members comes together to put on a show as, in my opinion, prestigious as a Broadway production. In a span of just four weeks, it was extremely rewarding to finally see our hard work come to fruition. From the way that our director envisioned our set to look like and the finished product to the way that the cast worked with our musical director to learn the music all tied together in the end to produce a successful and incredibly hilarious show.

Just like with any big theatrical production, the days leading up to this weekend have been really long and stressful. But as a student, I sometimes found it a bit of a stress relief to escape from my usual classes and retreat back to my creative side and spend my evenings in an auditorium with some of the most talented individuals I could find on campus. Another important note about the Mimes is that everyone involved is a non-theatre major, which goes to show just how committed each and everyone of us is to this craft, and how our sheer passion for theatre drives us to have fun on the stage every time. Having this club available on Fordham’s campus definitely defined so many of my memorable college moments. Although my involvement with the Mimes and Mummers only spans to two semesters so far, I am extremely excited to lend a helping hand to future productions and to stay involved with as many Mimes shows as I can. With another show weekend under my belt, I am reminded of one of the reasons why I decided to come to Fordham, and it is being able to work with and be surrounded by some of the most passionate students in such a well-rounded and supportive community. Whether you're into hilarious comedies like Spamalot, or dramatic plays, you can always count on the Mimes and Mummers to put on a show that you will definitely enjoy!

Behind the scenes dressing room fun! Yes, we're always that happy on stage and off! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fun Fearless Life

Hanging out in the Hearst Tower with a
fantastic view!
Last weekend, Cosmopolitan Magazine hosted the Fun Fearless Life conference in David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. The event was a two day conferences which hosted a variety of speakers, panels, networking events, and meet and greets with the editors of Cosmo. The speakers gave tips on amping up your morning beauty routine, managing money, finding your voice, staying healthy and many other things inspiring people to make the best of their lives. 

Getting ready backstage!
Our big performance!
The Fordham cheerleading team was invited to help kick off Day 2 of the conference. The night before our big performance, we were attended the special VIP party in the Hearst Tower where the Cosmo offices are located. We were able to meet many of the editors and hang out in the company of celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Chrissy Teigen, and Perez Hilton!
On Sunday morning, a few of my teammates and I arrived at Lincoln Center to prepare to open the conference. We were escorted to a dressing room and given clothes from Express’s new active wear line to model while we performed. The best part was that we got to keep the clothes! Right before we took the stage, we had the honor of meeting and chatting with Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Coles. Following our performance we were able to stay and watch some of the speakers for the day, one being Jillian Michaels! The entire weekend was incredible and the advice we received was inspiring. Definitely a memory I will never forget!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mini-Vacation To Our Nation's Capital!

Fordham’s location in New York City is incredibly convenient for exploring the East Coast! Since I’m originally from Chicago, I hadn’t spent much time on the East Coast before coming to Fordham. Part of the reason I came to Fordham was because of its location in NYC and the access it gives me to different transportation systems. This weekend, I was lucky enough to come out to Washington, DC!

Although there are a few different ways to get to DC, I decided to take the bus because it’s both inexpensive and fast. Yesterday, I hopped on the Washington Deluxe and four hours later, I arrived in our nation’s capital. I met up with my family who flew in from out of town to see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. The Wyeth exhibit was beautiful, and I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to see it before it leaves the museum!

Today, my family and I spent the day walking around the National Mall. We went to see the Freer Gallery of art, which is a museum of Asian art, and The National Museum of American History. My sister and I enjoyed walking around the Freer, but had more fun taking a ride simulator at the second museum. After checking out the museums, my family found a coffee shop to recharge at. Being a tourist sure is fun and exhausting! After coffee, we walked over to a Korean restaurant called Mandu for dinner. Now, we are sitting back at the hotel playing board games!

Tomorrow afternoon I will head back to Rose Hill. I’ve had a fun, relaxing, mini-vacation from school, but I’m ready to get back to campus to see friends and prepare for the upcoming week. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Arthur Avenue: Not Your Average Cappuccino

Cute little puppy coffee!
Blue Mediterranean has amazing seafood dishes.
Academics are incredibly important here at Fordham, but when we want to unwind from class and catch up with friends, Arthur Avenue is the place to go. 

I still remember my first time going to Bronx’s Little Italy after visiting Fordham during my junior year of high school. I had never been in such a neighborhood before, and it was fascinating seeing all of the quaint Italian restaurants and cafes.
Quick Tino's veggie
lasagna lunch
before class.

Umai Sushi's
specialty rolls.
I’ve made it my mission to visit every eatery on Arthur Avenue by the time I graduate. However, as I’m in the midst of my junior year, I’m slowly realizing that this might not be possible to accomplish in my remaining time at Fordham. 

There are so many options in Bronx’s Little Italy that are essential to try out; some have been around for years, and now ones open all the time. Inevitably, I’ve found my personal favorites, and I suggest them to every visiting family and prospective student I meet on campus.

A common misconception about Little Italy is that it’s only good for dinner, but Fordham students will tell you otherwise. There are plenty of dinner options for sure, but it’s just as easy to go out and grab a breakfast sandwich after a long night of studying, indulge in a quick cup of coffee and pastry between classes, meet friends for frozen yogurt when the weather’s nice, or grab a delicious slice of pizza – just because!

My favorite: taco salad from Estrellita's!
Coffee and
from De Lillo's.

Not only that, but the area is also particularly affordable – especially since many of its patrons are very budget-concerned college students – and offers all different types of cuisines, not solely Italian (even though the Italian food here is second to none…). The area exudes a very family-friendly vibe, and the school spirit lives on in the neighborhood, even more so after homecoming and big football games when the streets fill with crowds of Fordham families and proud alumni.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Broadway Ticket Raffles

One of my favorite parts about living in New York City is getting to see Broadway shows. And each month, Fordham gives students the opportunity to see shows for $20 through the Campus Activities Board ticket raffles.

On the first Monday of every month, CAB invites students to attend the raffle where many tickets to the best upcoming Broadway shows, comedy shows, and New York City sporting events are raffled off. In the past, I have been able to see some of the best New York has to offer, including “Once,” “Cinderella,” “Big Fish,” and even the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
Before the show! 
Most recently, I got to see “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” the 2014 Tony Award-winner for Best Musical. The show is about a man who discovers that he is a member of a royal family and will stop at nothing to take the crown. It’s one of the funniest musicals I’ve ever seen, and I’m so happy I got to see it for such a little price that is even cheaper than most student discount offers! I was also able to meet the actors afterwards at the stage door, which was really cool.
With the lead actor Bryce Pinkham! 
During the last raffle, I won tickets to “Cabaret,” starring Emma Stone and Alan Cumming, and I’m obviously very excited to see that. CAB’s monthly ticket raffles are just one of the many benefits of being a Fordham student!

Onto the next show!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beauty In The Bronx: Fordham Foliage

It is way too tempting to not jump in those leaves
Fall is a magical time of the year. The leaves are changing, the weather is starting to come to a comfortable crisp temperature, and when you walk on campus at night, you can start to smell the musky odor of the fireplaces burning. Fordham in the fall, or any season for that matter, is the epitome of magic. Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus was placed on Buzzfeed’s College Campuses that were made for Instagram. Their argument? The beauty that is Keating Hall in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and of course Fall.
One of many snowfalls last year!

Fordham is busting with piles of colorful leaves, pumpkin décor, and sunset skies that are always mesmerizing. The Fall is a great time to visit Fordham not only for it’s beautiful campus, but for the surrounding attractions that the Bronx has to offer. Across from the Fordham entrance gate, the Botanical Garden welcomes visitors with strings of white lights, signifying that the holiday season is not too far away! A traditional attraction of the Botanical Garden (also known a the BoTans to Fordham students) is the Holiday Train Show. All of the miniature New York City landmarks that are recreated in the Holiday Train Show are created entirely out of natural objects like tree branches and acorns. From the massive Brooklyn Bridge replica to Grand Central Station, the show is a Fordham student and Fordham Family favorite!

When you come to our beautiful campus, be sure to snap a picture of Keating Hall, the statue of Saint Ignatius Loyola, or one of the staple Fordham skies, post it to Instagram and tag @FordhamAdmissions!

Club Spotlight! Fordham Student Culinary Council

SCC Members during their Club Fair!
One club that is unique to Fordham is the Fordham Student Culinary Council. They serve as a liaison between Sodexo, Fordham’s food supplier, and Fordham’s students. Because members of the club serve as liaisons between the company and the Fordham community at large, they actually get paid! The members have a choice between receiving either Declining Balance Dollars (also known as DCB; students can use these at any of our retail locations on campus like Cosi or Panda Express) or a check for their work. Within the club, there are five different committees: the Marketplace, Marketing, Nutrition, Sustainability, and Retail. Each of these committees consists of a group of students to discuss innovative ideas for how to improve their specific areas. 

One of my friends, Allie St. Angelo, serves on the Executive Board as the Nutrition Committee Co-Chair. As the Nutrition Co-Chair, she has biweekly meetings with Sodexo management to talk about updates from her weekly committee meetings. Her group is in charge of making campus have as many nutritious and healthy options as possible. She also works with Melanie Ordway, Fordham’s registered dietitian. The dietitian is one of Fordham Dining’s many resources to help students live a healthy lifestyle.

The famous Smoothie Bike!
She told me about one of their upcoming events. In a couple of weeks, they will have a Thanksgiving Dinner in the Marketplace. They will set up tables with different traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as fun Thanksgiving-themed activities. They might even bring out the Smoothie Bike! This is a bike that powers a blender, so you can make a smoothie while you exercise. Personally, I can’t wait for the SCC Thanksgiving dinner. SCC always puts on delicious, fun events that I look forward to. Last year, I even won a Google Nexus 7 tablet during a Scavenger Hunt that they put on!

Another fun event put on by SCC - a cupcake decorating contest!
Follow @fordhamSCC and @fordham_dining on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to hear about what they’re doing and see pictures of all their events!

All photos in this article are courtesy of @fordhamSCC on Instagram.