Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GO! and Set the World on Fire

The Global Outreach program here at Fordham gives students the opportunity to go on cultural immersion and service trips during winter, spring, and summer break.  These trips are based around the four pillars of community, simple living, social justice, and spirituality.  The projects take place in approximately thirty locations, including both domestic and international destinations.  Students have traveled throughout the United States as well as countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.  Each trip involves partnering with a different organization, working to support them in their efforts.  Last spring break, I spent the week with my GO! Waynesburg team helping with Habitat for Humanity in Greene County, PA.

My team on a hike in Waynesburg
Our main project was working on a house that was being renovated for a local family.  We worked on both the interior and exterior of the home, from painting walls to using power tools on the deck outside.  Working with this organization, we really got to learn about its mission of ensuring adequate and affordable housing for everyone.  One day we also helped transport roof shingles from a construction site to the Habitat for Humanity warehouse.  In addition to manual labor, the trip was also an immersion experience.  One woman whose house was built by a past Fordham team had us over for dinner one night.  It was so awesome to see the finished product of a past trip and realize the difference we can make.

Starting to prime the walls

We were housed at a Methodist church, and the community welcomed us with open arms.  One night they came over to host a dinner party for us, and they even invited us to a fish fry in the neighborhood.  Meeting so many members of the community really made us feel at home in this rural environment, so different from what we are used to at Fordham.  Embracing this different setting, we visited the Lippencott Alpaca Farm and learned all about the animals.  We also spent a day in Pittsburgh, exploring the Carnegie Science Center and the surrounding area.  My Global Outreach trip was such an eye opening experience, and I truly recommend all Fordham students to do one during their time here!

Feeding alpacas at the Lippencott Farm

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Update

Marisa Diaz
This past weekend, I went pumpkin and apple picking at Wilken’s Fruit and Fir Farm in Yorktown Heights, NY. After finding the perfect pumpkin and picking a peck of apples, my family and I waited on line for an hour just to get a dozen of the delicious fresh baked cider donuts. It definitely got me ready for the fall season!
A beautiful day for pumpkin picking

Abby Collins
Visiting the Central Perk replica in SoHo
This weekend I traveled down to SoHo with a couple of my friends from Fordham. Getting to downtown Manhattan from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus is incredibly easy! We took the Metro North down to Grand Central and then took the subway the rest of the way. We went to go see the replica of Central Perk that sprung up recently in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first episode of “Friends”! The line was about two hours long but it was worth it in the end to see the iconic yellow couch that was in almost every episode of the show! After wrapping up in Central Perk, we strolled around the streets of SoHo until we came across a large Italian festival that was going on, in honor of San Gennaro. The festival went on for about fifteen blocks, all of which were full of celebration. There was enough food, music, and liveliness to brighten my whole weekend!

Nicole Cruz
On Sunday, Fordham hosted its annual Senior Open House.  Thousands of prospective students and their families attended various events throughout the day to learn more about Fordham.  As part of the Rose Hill Society, I helped in getting the families where they needed to be and showing them around campus.  We had a lot of fun!
Future Fordham Rams

Go Rams!

Nicole Chiuchiolo
Fordham was bustling with activity this weekend! There was so much going on. On Friday night my friends and I had a blast at Ram Town. Ram Town is the kickoff to the basketball season where they introduce players and give out free food and prizes! On Saturday I attended the Theatrical Outreach Program’s production of “Our Town” in Collins Auditorium. Not only was it an amazing student produced and student directed show, it was also free! On Sunday I had a blast at Senior Open House! I was able to give tours, interact with prospective students, and hang out with the Fordham Ram!

On the Court at RamTown

RamTown atmosphere
One of the biggest nights of the year on campus was pretty special for me. Ram Town is similar to a midnight madness event. It is the opening night of the Men’s and Women’s basketball seasons. Held in the Rose Hill Gym, home of the two teams, Ram Town is a night of free food, prizes, and contests to get students excited about the upcoming basketball seasons. As a member of the Fordham Dance Team, I got to actually participate in the planning and executing of the event, which most students do not get to experience.

The Fordham Dance Team at the start of RamTown.

The night started off with the women’s basketball team making their introduction onto the court. As last year’s A10 champions, they unveiled two new banners in the gym in honor of their success. As a part of the dance team’s responsibilities, we got to stand on the court and cheer with the team as the banners were released. When men’s basketball made their entrance about half way through, I got to stand right next to the basket as they showed off their own dunking skills.
The two new banners for the Women's team.
The Men's Basketball team entrance.
The highlight of my night, as a dance team member, was being a part of the annual dance off. It was Men’s Basketball and the Dance Team vs. Women’s Basketball and the Cheerleaders. The Women’s team went first with a mix of Flawless, This is How We Do It, and Anaconda. We followed up with a mix of Soulja Boy, Jerk, Teach Me How to Dougie, and OG Bobby Johnson. While it was unclear who the winner was, I’m pretty sure we won the crowd’s vote! Whether you’re a part of the action or not, Ram Town is an event you definitely don’t want to miss on campus!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inside 30 Rock: Live Tapings at Rockefeller Center

One of the great parts about going to school so close to New York City is being able to take advantage of all of the incredible things that take place here like the amazing shows that are taped at Rockefeller Center, as in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.  Rockefeller Center is in Midtown and only a short walk from Grand Central, which only takes 20 minutes to get to from the Rose Hill campus. 

A friend and I were recently able to go to a live taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers!  Shows usually offer free tickets for tapings around the beginning of each month that you can reserve online.  Below is the link for ticket information:


On the day of the taping we picked them up about an hour before it started at the NBC Experience store. Then, we stood in line for about 30 minutes and were ushered up to Studio 8G where the show is taped.  To get to the stage, we had to walk through the SNL hallway, and it was filled with pictures from the show.  Also, on our way to the stage, we got to see Studio 8H, the stage where SNL is performed.  (Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share because cameras and phones are prohibited in the building.) 

Waiting in line before the taping!

My friend and I were seated in the front row for the taping! It was so cool to see all of the behind the scenes people, cameras, and lights that goes into making the show.  Seth Meyers was great and so were comedians, Sarah Silverman and John Mulaney, who were the guests for that episode.  They were all very funny and it was amazing to see them in person.

It was a great experience to go inside such an iconic New York City building and see everything up close that I’ve see on TV.  It was also a student-friendly outing because it was free and easy to get to from Fordham.  Just another example of the countless activates that Fordham students can take advantage of in New York City!   

Saturday, October 18, 2014


One of the coolest things about going to school at Fordham is the amount of school spirit we have on campus. Despite the fact that we are a medium sized school in the middle of a big city, Fordham is Division I for all of its varsity athletic teams, and students love supporting their fellow Rams at games and spirit events!

The gorgeous Rose Hill Gym is crowded with Rams! RAMTOWN2014!

Last night was a prime example of this: one of the biggest events of the fall semester is Ram Town, which kicks off the men’s and women’s basketball seasons. Think high school pep rally, but bigger and better! Students decked out in Fordham maroon pack the stands of the Rose Hill Gym, and have a great time cheering on their classmates.  There are also tons of games and competitions for fans to compete in, including a karaoke contest, relay races, shoot-outs, and dance-offs (Rams have some sick moves, fun fact!). In addition free tshirts for every person at the door, students are eligible for exciting prizes and giveaways, like iPads, TVs, and textbooks for a semester; this year one student won a free vacation in a free throw shooting contest!

Exciting athletics, crazy contests, and awesome prizes aside, fans attending Ram Town are also provided with an absurd amount of delicious, delicious food from Arthur Avenue (the Little Italy of the Bronx, which is right next door to Rose Hill’s campus), including pizza, pasta, wings, and desserts.  

Wasn't kidding about the free food - my friend Matt stocked up on
mozzarella sticks, wings - oh, and an entire box of pizza? Don't worry, he shared!

Ram Town is a great way to get pumped for the upcoming season, and a fantastic time is had by all in attendance! Go Rams!

Our mascot, the Fordham Ram!